Barcelona will not be handed title if LaLiga not completed – Spanish FA chief

Spanish federation president Luis Rubiales ruled out handing the LaLiga title to current leaders Barcelona if the 2019/20 season cannot be completed by June 2030 due to the coronavirus outbreak.

LaLiga was suspended last week with 11 games left on the calendar due to the worsening coronavirus crisis in Spain. There was growing talk that Barcelona, who are currently two points ahead of Real Madrid after 27 games played, would be handed the title should the season be unable to be completed.

However Rubiales has dismissed such a scenario after having had long discussions with UEFA in relation to the reorganisation of European football. As has been agreed with all 55 other UEFA federations, all European leagues will have until June 30 to complete their current calendars.

“We have been working with UEFA for many days, by phone and by videoconference. We have put forward some proposals that have been satisfactorily approved. We already know what the situations are for the European, local and Euro competitions.

“The competitions have to be finished before June 30. All teams have to play all the matches. That is what we discussed with the 55 member federations and with the Executive Committee. We have all voted favorably.”

Rubiales stated he could not ensure that LaLiga would definitely be able to conclude by June 30. However, he added that he believed it would be “unfair” to finish the season as it stands, meaning there is no chance of Barcelona or any team being handed the title until the season is completed.

“The 19-20 season has to end with the same rules and not change, although the situation is exceptional. I cannot guarantee that the competition will end, as others have risked saying, before June 30. It is unfair that the competition ends with the classification as it is now.”

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